Simply! your wealth to your family.

The PROMISE of getting your WEALTH to YOUR FAMILY

Beyond investments products.

A first of its kind service

Beyond insurance products.

A first of its kind service

Truely, Peace of mind!

Is the key Solution for the Earning Member as well as family


Emotions Captured


Voice/Text Messages


Happy Customers


Happy Families


Location users

Our product features

Even the best of plans can be jeopardized due to unforeseen events.
What if there is sudden death of the earning member of a family?

Get more organized now

Scan in easy way either single or multiple documents

Never lose your Docs

Facility to mention to whom or where the originals are lying

Rights with your family

More than that during life you can share access rights to your family member

Share your Emotions with family

Upload Video, Text/Voice Message and show your presence

Security First is Security Always

SSL secured for your important documents are encrypted

We Support! when you need.

In your difficult times we help you and your family to get benefits

We Believe,
You can take care of family. Even when you are not around.

Our sole objective is that no dependent should deprived of their rightful inheritance in the eventuality where the earning member is no more.

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