We Believe,
We can take care,
when you are not around

We are an energetic bunch of technology geeks and finance experts, passionate about providing the best platform to help you and your family in attaining financial peace. The concept emerged after decades of serving Indian families while advising them for investments. What did we observe that an earning member (i.e. investor) of the family runs around, in his lifetime to earn for the family and builds assets for them. But irony is that, family members are many times even not aware of what s/he has been building / investing in.

The outcome is that over INR 64,000 crores are lying unclaimed in public and private financial institutions (as per ET 2014 data). If you include Kisan Vikas Patra and other investment classes like Mutual Funds, company deposits, Bonds, physical and demat shares etc. then the amount is apprx. INR 2 Lac crores.