The bitter truth
(Kadwa Sacch)

• Never ending rat race
• Disorganized
• Resist the reality (of death)
• Lack of trust
• Procrastination (human nature)

Internal Wiring: Earning member focuses on how to make money to secure family's present and future but irony is that none of the family member is fully aware of what has been built for them by the earning member.

External Environment: Lack of trust, busy and tough lifestyle and peer or social pressures

Most Spouses: End up keeping their partner in the dark about the investments made. Thus a majority of Rs 64,000 crores lie unclaimed in public and private financial institutions.

Only 15% Women: reported having financial plan for unexpected events. Inability to deal with these events can be devastating for widows and thier children.

Most Women: and children have been deprived of their rightful inheritances due to improper financial planning and unclear wills.