Super Centurion Technologies Pvt Ltd. (“My Wealth Protector”) Refund Policy

1.1 The Client who subscribes for any of the services of My Wealth Protector beyond life agrees that subscription charges (including taxes etc.) paid are non-refundable including in case of deactivation, unsubscribing the services or in any other circumstances.

Refund Policy in case of Free Trial

1.2 Upon your Subscription of Beyond Life Service, client/user will not be billed for the free trial period, if applicable to them. During the free trial period of subscription of Beyond Life Service he/she will not be eligible for any refund in case of any network problem, breakdown of machinery, unclear network, disruption in the network and/ or payment gateway errors. Any dispute in connection to the above shall be settled between the client/User(s) and the telecom/mobile operator/ the concerned bank/ credit card/ payment gateway directly, without involving Company.

1.3 However, client should inform the customer service team of My Wealth Protector about the defective content/ technology issue etc. so that the Company takes effective measures to ensure that the defect doesn’t continue after the end of free trial period.